Stardust Script 

Mom, where does Stardust come from?”

“When a star shifts a little, the glowing dust of the ages may be shaken lose from her skirts. If you are lucky enough to catch some of this Stardust, keep it close to your heart on cold nights to stay warm, practicing your letters in it will always help you find the right words to comfort an aching heart, and just before the glow dims, carry it to a field and set it free with a true wish. Wishes on Stardust are precious things, because if the wish is kind and pure enough, it may spark the birth of a new star.”

-Conversations with my daughter, Garnet

Stars are so beautiful and Stardust from them is a true gift. If you make this recipe, it may not be as potent as celestial Stardust, but leave it on a table in the moonlight, and the stars will smile on it. It will be imbued with wonderful magic to practice letters and words in and can make wishes of the heart comes true. Dress warmly however because you cannot trust this variation to keep you warm! 

To make your own Stardust, you will need:

  • A box of table salt 
  • Food colouring of your preferred colour
  • Glitter
  • An alphabet book or cards with words you would like to practice
  • Wands, feathers or something to write in the sand
  • A mixing bowl
  • A spatula
  • Crowns and wings optional but highly recommended!

I made Stardust for 2 children and used half a box of salt. You can always make more or less, if you make a lot you can simply store it! We emptied the salt into a bowl and added 3 drops of neon pink food colouring, and 3 drops of magenta. The food colouring will stick to the salt, it requires a little firm pressing and stirring with a spatula to spread it evenly throughout. Next, we mixed in some pink glitter given to us by Fairy Friend, Susan. To add a little more sparkle, we tossed in some pink glitter hearts. Really, I am not sure there is such a thing as too much glitter! 

I then poured some into baking pans. You will want to be a little sparse, if there is a lot of sand, the letters traced will be harder to see. This mixture did not stain the pans, but you can always line them first with pretty wrapping paper or foil to make the letters stand out even more. 

We attached our wings securely and adjusted our best crowns, mixed the Stardust by hand to enjoy how silky soft it was, and then sifted the pans to even it out. We took up our wands, ready to practice our letters. 

I gave each of my daughters an alphabet book beside their pan of Stardust. I gave my youngest daughter Canada ABC by Paul Covello, and my eldest daughter The ABCs of RPGS by Ivan Van Norman and Caleb Cleveland. They are both wonderful books with large, clear letters for the children to copy with ease. 

We worked on letters for about half an hour and then I added My Little Ponies and Thomas mini trains for the girls to play with while I worked on dinner. Just before we put the trays away, I gave the girls tea cups. They scooped some of the Stardust into the teacups, saving it for wish-making.

After baths, we put on our rain boots and walked on to the damp grass, tea cups cradled in our palms against the wind. It was a perfect wind, gentle yet with enough force to carry our dust up high and have our wishes whispered to the stars. 

What we wished for, I cannot share with you. That is one of the cardinal wish-rules: they are a secret kept between your heart and the stars. 

May you wish wisely and enjoy this activity!

With love,

Your Lady Star

Fairy potions!

Dear Fairy Friends,

If you are looking for a little magic today, why not brew your own fairy potion? While magic may be a little rarer these days than it used to be, the ingredients you will need for this brew are most likely already in your home or very easy to find. This is one way to find magic in the everyday, even in your kitchen cupboards!

Potion ingredient
You will need these key ingredients to brew your potions

You will need to have:

  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Food dye
  • Sparkles
  • A jar, cup or mug
  • A pot or bowl
  • A magic wand, enchanted cauldron stick, spoon, spatula – something to stir with

At Dragon Dell, we like to set everything up so that the ingredients are ready for action!

The first step is to fill your jar, cup or mug half-way with white vinegar. This next step will save you a great deal of cleaning up: put your jar, cup or mug in a bigger pot or bowl. Now, the magic starts!

From a plain kitchen staple, the vinegar is about to become so much more! You add the food dye, whatever colour calls to you.  You can make pink if you are feeling glum and need a little bubbliness, red is wonderful if you are feeling inspired, blue will calm an anxious heart, green is great if you want to grow new friendships, purple is help you be true to yourself, orange is to chase away doubt for example.

IMG_5834.JPGMy favourite part comes right after you are happy with the colour of your potion. With this step, you enchant the ingredients: you add sparkles and make a wish with every colour you add.

Are you ready to see the potion brew? All you need to do is spoon baking soda in and stir! Don’t forget to activate your wishes here by saying “bubble, bubble, little wishes twinkle and double!”

It is so fun to watch the potion bubble over, releasing your wishes. You can then always add more sparkles and baking soda to keep the potion bubbling a little longer.

My daughters, Garnet and Minka, look forward to rainy days because that is when we practice potion making the most!


Did you have fun making a fairy potion? Would you like to share with me what colour you made and why?

Have a wonderful day and may your wishes come true!

With love,

Your Lady Star