Bent Wings and Pigeon-Toes: A Clumsy Tale of True Beauty 

Dear Fairy Friends,

Growing up Fey, I was surrounded by beauty. I however did not see any of that beauty in myself when I looked at my reflection in the Stargazer’s Pond. You can only look into it on a night full of starlight, which will show you truth in the waters. It is used to look into your world, to see ourselves as we are and to envision ourselves as we will be in the future. The waters of this pond are perfectly still, even the frogs dare not splash in it. When I looked into the pond, I never saw beauty.  In fact, I saw nothing at all, not even the stars reflected. Just the dark, glassy, breathless waters. There was something about the pond that I didn’t know, but I will come to that a little later in this tale. 

There was something about me that made me stand apart when all I wished for was to blend in. I was born rather pigeon-toed, which was already unusual for one of my kind. To add insult to injury, my wings had an odd arc to them, they were bent forward at the tips. 

Pigeon-toe woes

Therefore, I was clumsy on my feet, as well as in the air. No one invited me to chase shooting stars with them, nor did they ask for my help painting rainbows because my flying made me paint crazed, crooked stripes through the sky. Only the naive dared to partner with me during the celebratory dances in the Fairy Rings. It only took one turn around for them to realize that I would trip them, sending us careening into the mushrooms that formed the circle more often than not. Let me tell you, flinging others into mushrooms is not the best way to make friends!

I walked carefully, doing my best to keep my feet straight. It was agonizing. I tried to keep my wing tips pointed up only to feel them ache as well. If I managed one, I neglected the other because the effort and pain were too great. The looks that I got from the other Fey stung me deeply and made my heart ache, just as my body ached trying to look less…like myself. 

Velocity seemed to aggravate my clumsiness so I went gently, slowly and tried to help my wayward feet. As I walked, I began to notice things I never had before and I was drawn to the incredible plants that surrounded me. I was fascinated and stopped often to ask creatures, great and small, what they knew about the plants they drank from, took shelter in or ate for nourishment. 

I learned from the bees and hummingbirds which flowers were the sweetest. The bears explained which berries they would eat and which were poison for them. The caterpillars demonstrated how they would blend into foliage to camouflage themselves. Being so still, I demonstrated enough patience that elves and dwarves approached me and I was able to learn from them as well. It isn’t easy and their lessons are lengthy. Elves, being immortal, really have no regard for time. Dwarves, having been born from the oldest stones on the earth, share knowledge about as speedily as the mountains shift.  I even came upon a dragon with gems wedged between her scales that had begun to cut into her skin. I healed her and altered her lair so that the sharpest treasures would not dig into her hide again. To thank me, she showed me how the different phases of the moon could enchant and enhance the healing or harming properties of plants. This is highly guarded knowledge because of its duality – it can lengthen lives or end them – and is not to be taken lightly. 

I had been so absorbed in plant lore that I had walked with my crooked feet in front of all of these beings: the most enlightened, the eldest, the most magical. Not the birds, nor the elves, dwarves, or the dragon seemed repelled by my inherent clumsiness of foot or wing. It was when I forgot to care and worry about my feet and wings that I found great purpose in healing and protecting. It was then that I was gifted with my true name, Angelica, after the plant I had the greatest affinity with. 

My feet hardly straightened by the time I reached maturity at 100 years old. Now well past my early adulthood, my feet are as crooked as ever, the bend in my wings still prominent. 

The same feet that once made me painfully aware that I was different were quite clever in the end, slowing me down enough to find my calling. The wings that keep me grounded could easily shield plants and animals and were ideal for collecting herbs. Being made differently, from a slightly askew magic perhaps, had given me great gifts. 

With age and perspective, I have come to appreciate that there is no such thing as perfection within my kind, my world nor yours. Instead of striving to fit in, for this elusive notion of how we ought to be, let us just be, as we were intended to be from the moment when we were created. 

Every child has a place in the fantastic

I see children made from all kinds of wonderful, who feel they are never represented in the realm of the fantastic. I am so grateful that I found artist Carolyn Gerk of Velvet Hand Designs who has helped me bring to life some of the different types of Fey, just as they are. All children should have access to the realms of wonder and magic, I hope to add more diversity in the future to the collection. It is important to me because only by believing that I had a place, that I was special, was I able to finally see beauty in myself when I looked into the pond. That is the great secret: you must believe in yourself first to see who you are and decide who you want to become. 

Love every quirk!

May we celebrate crooked feet, bent wings and everything in between. I already believe in you. Believe and look at yourself as you truly are for the first time. You are breathtaking. 


Your Lady Star

Indoor Fairy Gardens: Honouring The Earth Fey in Cold Weather

Dear Fairy Friends,

In the last post with the short story of The Root Vegetable Babes, Children of the Earth, I started to touch on something greater. Earth Fey are around us all the time.They care for the grass, the soil, the very earth we walk on. I know that at this time of the year, when the bright greenery of the spring and summer start to turn golden and then are covered by the snow, we may get the false impression that the earth is sleeping and not paying attention to us. Yet the earth and the Fair Folk that tend to everything, from changing leaves to tucking hibernating animals into their winter beds, are always about and not at all turning a blind eye to us.

While it was much easier to let them know they were welcome in the summer by planting and tending to garden beds, putting fresh water in bird baths, admiring the beauty of the butterfly, it gets decidedly more difficult in cold weather. However, we tend to let a little bit of the wild into our home at Dragon Dell for all our Earth spirit visitors.

One of the things we do at this time of the year is to start an indoor Fairy Garden. In past years, these have been in large pots, so big the children could sit in them. This year, we have a crawling baby about to walk and I don’t believe that the Fey consider eating the garden we plant for them quite the compliment my son would think it is! In order to keep him and the garden safe, we have made a smaller one this year. It makes a lovely centrepiece on our kitchen table!

We found the perfect size of garden when we spotted the Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden Kit by Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids.  My daughters just celebrated birthdays and they chose this to spend some of their birthday treasure on, the retail cost was $39.99. Naturally, I agreed!

It is a lovely kit that comes with everything needed: decorations, paints, soil, pebbles for the pathway, stepping stones, seeds and my favourite: glitter! This glitter even had little stars in it.

The kit states that it is intedended for ages 7-97. This did make me laugh because I am well past 97 years old, having lived as a fairy most of my life! My children are aged 6 and 3, and they did an incredible job with my help.

I am very fond of mushrooms and I was delighted that they were in the kit. These are excellent additions to any Fairy Garden, whether you buy a kit or make one yourself. If you are ever walking in the woods and see a ring of mushrooms, you are actually looking at a Fairy Ring. It is best not to disturb these by picking the mushrooms or stepping into it. The Good Neighbours treat these spaces as scared and will often dance around the rings during festivals. Great misfortune may follow anyone who destroys or damages them! Please, I ask you to admire them from afar! That said, adding mushrooms to a Fairy Garden is a nod to their customs and one way in which to let them know that this space has been specially created for them.

This particular kit came with a charming house that appears to be made out of a flower. You can pick anything for a little home, it can be a painted milk carton, box you decorate, or of course, a store bought house. As long as you pick it with care for the Fey, they will appreciate it! Earth Fairies are partial to browns, greens, and they love flowers. You can use their favourite shades to inspire you and you can never go wrong with flowers.

We painted all of our pieces, making an afternoon of the activity on a rainy day.  We also painted the planter. You can absolutely do the same if you are using a clay pot, plastic container – really, almost anything! We dedicated our Fairy Garden to Earth Spirits on the grounds, so that even when we must be inside, so are they and they know we have not forgotten them.

We let the pieces dry while we took out Dragon Dell’s helpers (it is a VERY lose term in this case), Rosie and Ludo. They kept us quite busy and we let the pieces dry for a little over one hour.

With Rosie and Ludo fast asleep, we got to move on to adding the potting soil. We took out an antique tea pot to add a sense of ceremony to the occasion and moistened the soil. Once this was done, we planed the garden layout and put the house at the forefront. You may wish to create a little walkway to the home with pebbles, found stones, vibrant aquarium stones (that can be found at pet stores and places with pet supplies – ours came from Walmart in the past). Our kit supplied a very pretty shade of purple pebbles we used to create a walkway going two ways because, as my eldest daughter pointed out, in a fairy emergency there should be an alternate route.

Once the pieces of the garden were in place, we got to plant the seeds. The kit comes with so many seeds and recommended reserving some for future planting. I thought this was brilliant because you can stretch the life of your Fairy Garden out so that you have new growth all throughout the winter. We put aside both bean and wheatgrass seeds for future planting, buried some for now and then watered the seeds with the tea pot. Both bean and wheatgrass seeds are easy to find at local stores, we have even spotted them at our local Peavey Mart and Walmart. Garden centres will also have them as well as great advice on what kind of plants do well indoors. During past years, we went to Fern’s Greenhouse and have used gorgeous little succulents.

Lastly,  so as not to get them wet, we added the artificial flowers, the glittery butterflies and the fairy. We have found many pretty things to add over the years at the Dollar Store, The Dollar Tree, Michael’s and Walmart. Once you set your mind to making one of these gardens, I find you tend to see things you might like to add everywhere. I have also raided the basement and found bits of toys that we used, giving the toy a purpose and life once more and adding something unique to our arrangement. We were all holding our breath for the last thing we had to do: add some pixie dust! We opened the little vial, we each put some in our palms and made a wish with our eyes closed, our hands over our heart’s. I know many people think this is silly and will skip this step, but the Fey know which gardens grow wishes and which do not. It is also what turns any glitter into pixie dust; the wishes add the magic. This is why I always added wishes to our Fairy Gardens and pull these wishes up from the very depths of my heart.

In the end, we had a shimmery garden for our GoodNeighbours.

We enjoyed this birthday gift so much and watering the garden draws our attention daily to the earth, to caring for it, fostering its growth and nurturing it. I cannot wait to see the beginnings of new life when the sprouts start to push through the soil! I know the children will be so excited.

I would very much love to see any Fairy Gardens you have made, indoor or out, and any stories you might have that go with them!


Your Lady Star


Q & A with Lady Star

Dear Fairy Friends,

I receive many questions on Lady Starling’s Fairy Lore Facebook page and they surprise and delight me. You can always comment here on the blog as well or Contact Lady Star through email. Today, I will be sharing some questions and answers received throughout the month. Here we go!


Do fairies have friends?


They most certainly do! While it may take years to bond, fairies do have friends that they dance with and feast with. Many of their friends aren’t other fairies, but creatures of the land, sea and air and other magical beings. They also do form bonds with some special humans


What is it like in Fairy land? Where is it?


It’s just beyond a thin veil that is invisible to the naked human eye. It keeps their world and ours apart. There are times of the year, such as Halloween, when the veils thins considerably. At this time, you might hear or see the Fair Folk with much more ease!
What is it like there? It’s a wild and free land with seasons, as we have here. Time moves very differently there so one hour here could be years there, or 1 hour there a lifetime here! A beautiful thing about Faerie (their world) is that it is inhabited by so many magical creatures! Imagine breakfast with a dragon!


How can one know if fairies truly are in their home?


The answer doesn’t always thrill the asker!
Ever lose something that was right in front of you and have it unexpectedly appear where you are sure there is no way you could have left it there? You don’t have to shake it off and wonder if your imagination is playing tricks on you…the Fair Folk are! They don’t really see a difference between your belongings and theirs, so they may “borrow” things only to return them later.


What does the Tooth fairy do with the teeth?


She collects them to build houses or insulate existing ones for smaller beings during the cold  Sometimes, she will give them to animals that have lost teeth as well. She can also turn them into dust and use it in the earth to help plants sink their “teeth”, their roots, into the soil.


Can fairies fly in space? And, if so, what kind of fairies?


Fairies are traditionally known by your people as beings that are between man and angel. They are a very different nature from you or even I, as I am no longer one of them completely. While they can and do take on physical bodies, they are capable of traveling through spirit. In this manner, yes, they can fly through space. Even time is different for them, they do not adhere to the laws that govern our world. So will astronauts see fairies? Probably not in their form that resembles humans, but they may appear shooting stars as they travel through space.


Is Peter Pan real and as cool as they portray him in the movies?


Way cooler, if you can believe it! A little naughtier too. Pan does have a guardianship role, similar to mine as he carries Lost Boys over. He is wiser than he pretends or is portrayed but a trickster. He enjoys pranks in our world! Ever find green milk in the fridge? You could have been visited by him.


How do you know so much about fairies?


Once, when I was a few hundred years younger, I was a fairy. I’ll tell you what kind, as we can be grouped into 4 basic groups: fire, water, air and earth. I took care of wild herbs, and was part of the earth fairy grouping as such. I would glide quietly into your world at night and under the light of a moonbeam in my fairy lamp, I worked to grow herbs to help people near their homes.
For example, angelica is a very powerful protective plant. If I saw people were in need of it to get rid of negative emotions or hurtful thoughts, I left it all around them. That’s how I got my first name.

One night, I fell in love with a human. While it’s not exactly favoured by fairy-kind, it’s not why I lost my wings.

I didn’t make it back to the Land of the Fae when I had a child. So my child, a little one named Garnet, would never be able to come into my land. Being born here, her human side took over.

So, I had a choice. To go back to my home as a fairy, or give up my wings to stay here with Garnet.

Now, I am a special kind of Guardian, helping the otherworldly beings that cross into our world back home, keeping humans who mean harm away from the openings between the two worlds and aiding magical creatures in distress. I still work with herbs to help lift sadness, protect, heal and I love my human life.

I also pass letters back and forth from children to their fairy friends



Can you do magic?


Yes, but mine now is mostly used as a guide for beings to cross over. The rest, sadly, is mostly plant lore! But a fairy, even a now-human one, can never lose all his or her magic or they will disappear.

Thank you for stopping in today and joining me! Please feel free to ask questions of your own!


Your Lady Star

The Moon Fairy


Come close and let Lady Star share a fairy story with you:

Ever wake up at night and think “I’m not alone”? If you have, guess what? You are right; every night you are not alone. Now, there is no reason to be spooked by this news – since most monsters are more afraid of you than you are of them – and your most frequent visitor is a fairy. She is the Moon Fairy.

She has a name, a beautiful name! One that reminds you of dragonflies and the smell of the ocean at night, maybe with a hint of cinnamon and cricket song. I know this because I recall the feel of her name, but not her name itself. This is part of my sad condition, I’ve lost her name because she must have taken it back from me over the years as I become more and more human. You see, it is a secret name, hers to give and hers to take. She gives it out very selectively to special children and I have heard that it sounds different to each child. To you, for instance, her name might feel like the smell of the lilac bush outside your window, the earthy smell of a giant oak snoring in his sleep and possibly a handful of jellybeans. No matter what, it is always her name.

Her hair gathers and twists into a luminous spiral, much like a candle flickering as you walk by. Her eyes are shiny and deep on her lovely blue face. She flits in such a way as to be able to imitate both shadow and light, allowing her to blend into the corners of the night. She laughs a bit like little bird warbling. She wears a dress made of Evening Primrose and carries a wand made of a Moon Flower. She snacks on dragon fruit as she makes her nightly rounds.

Rounds? What rounds, you ask. Ah, I haven’t explained to you what the Moon Fairy does! There is a lot of commotion surrounding the Sandman and dreams, but seldom is the Moon Fairy credited with her role in dreams. Someone must first open your sight inside your sleep for you to be able to witness the magic of dreams. The Moon Fairy turns her key tucked into the petals of her wand just inside your earlobe, unlocking your mind for the dream sands. You can understand now why it is a very important job.

It is very frustrating for the Moon Fairy when children lock her out of their minds and earlobes! How do they do this? Well, let me ask you this: when was the last time you refused to go to sleep? Your answer is also the last time you locked her out!

She takes great pains to fold and wrinkle and crinkle herself ever so small so that she can travel through the tiniest crack into your bedroom. Sometimes, tucked up into a minuscule speck, she gets stuck, unable to cross over because the child or children in question are not asleep! This worries the poor fairy, who wants nothing more than to be sure all children get to dream through the night.

When children go straight to sleep, then the Moon Fairy can do her job well an quickly. To these children, she hands out her name as a gift. If you know it, hold on to it tightly and try never to give her a reason to take it back! If you whisper it at night when you are scared or lonely or sad, it has the power to cast a little light in the dark and chase nightmares away. Treasure it, for it is a reminder of all the good in the world and that dreams do come true.