Lady Starling in Dragon Dell, as captured by Sara Yaremko Photography and makeup by Taylor Wolfe Artistry

Merry met friends!

My name is Lady Angelica Starling. I live in a cottage on the grounds of a place called Dragon Dell. It is a special place because it is where the veil between our world and the land of Fae is thinner. There are several places like this all across the world; each is assigned a Guardian. I am one of these Guardians. We watch over these magical places to make sure no humans wander through and get stuck and also to help fantastic beings back across. It can be a tricky job at times, as the interest in fairies has grown once again and Hunters of magical beings are popping up everywhere. In addition, we have had quite a few beings from the other side having difficulty crossing over once again.

In my role as a Guardian, I also pass on correspondence from fairies. Did you know they do not like being called fairies? You may call them the Gentry or the Good Neighbours, among a few of the titles they prefer. How do I know any of this? I was once a fairy and happened to fall in love with a mortal. I had a choice to make: I could either stay here, as a woman, with my children or cross the veil and live forever without them as a fairy. I chose to stay with my children and to teach them the ways of the Fae. It is knowledge I am pleased to share with all children who believe.

This page is here to bring you tales from beyond the veil, to open up safe lines of communication between those who love fairies and wish them no harm and to inspire you to see the magic in everyday life.

Welcome to Dragon Dell, welcome to Lady Starling’s Fairy Lore.