Saint Francis Is My Homeboy – but seriously…

I have always felt a connection with Saint Francis. He is closely linked with finding purpose in life and healing and communicating with animals.

I was over the moon ecstatic when Pope Francis said that animals do have souls in recent years because it was something in the Christian faith that always troubled me. I think it is no coincidence that the Pope bears the same name as the Saint!

I pray to Saint Francis often. When I adopted Gruff from the Peace Regional SPCA, I knew I wanted to feed two dogs the best I could. I asked Saint Francis to help me care for them and every time I need to pay a vet bill, buy food or anything, it always works out. I never thought to ask him to help me financially with my pets until I read Doreen Virtue’s book: Archangels and Ascended Masters. I can honestly say that every time I was worried, Saint Francis has come through for me. At one point we thought Gruff would lose an eye or even both, but I took him for a second opinion. The vet reassured me he would not lose his eyes and then even said there was no charge as Gruff was an SPCA rescue. Thank you Saint Francis!

When searching for a horse, of course my prayers went out to him and now we have our Roxy.

I keep looking for ways to give back to animals, mine and others. Once again, I asked Saint Francis for guidance. It was not immediate, but I knew he was tapping me on the shoulder today when I saw a part time position at the SPCA advertised. It seemed like the place to make a difference and even use my Reiki training on the pets in the shelter. I could not make up my mind whether or not to go inquire, but I did. Every time I wanted to just forget it, I felt a gentle nudge in my mind. I emailed my resume over tonight and I know that I asked, I listened and when the call presented itself, I answered with joy. I have no idea if I will be hired or not, but I hope to continue making my homeboy Saint-Francis proud.

If you are struggling to find your way or having issues communicating or bonding with a pet, don’t ever be shy to have a heart to heart with Saint Francis. In return, I think it is important to make sure you are honouring animals, whether they be your pets of wildlife. I personally try very hard not to put anything harmful from bath and beauty products into the waterways and I cut down a lot on my family’s meat consumption (zero judgement if you love to eat meat, this is just my thing). I work for an environmental company part time and a ranch that believes in kindness to all animals and teaches natural horsemanship. These things are so important to me and as an adult, I love that the choices I make are mine. My beliefs are lining up with my practices and this feels like the most honest life to lead for me. As my connection with Saint Francis deepens, I am sure I will add to my list and make more changes.

111: Manifest Your Dreams

For weeks, I keep getting the message 111 or 1111. The 111s were persistent. Grocery bills would ring in at $111, a bag of chia seeds tucked securely into the cupboard over the stove popped out and spilled on the stove at 11:11 and so on. For two weeks.

When I looked the number up in my Angel Numbers book by Doreen Virtue, what stuck me was that the meaning is all about thoughts manifesting into reality.

Without discussing everything in my life, it has been a challenging time. I have had so much uncertainty pull dark clouds over the future of my family, only to realize that maybe my thoughts are responsible for at least some of those clouds. I’ve let the darkest, most awful possible outcomes keep me up at night instead of praying and focusing on the possibility of a favourable outcome.

I think the repeated message was to just stop it. There are so many things I have felt like I never got to do and felt doomed that I never would. In reality, I just had to look to my garden. I believe it is full of fae. Why? I can’t grow a plant on my own, I’ve tried. Awhile back I promised to nurture a lavender plant and I followed through with it. My garden is, for the first time ever, blooming. I thought a couple of plants would die, only to have them come back full of life. The healthiest most vibrant is that lavender plant.

My life, despite the circumstances, has been in full bloom. My children are doing well, I feel joy and laughter coming back to me when I had felt it had dried out not too long ago. Our house is full of different lives and I love it.

I felt a strong pull to start looking at horse prices and horse rescues. I figured it would take time but decided that I wasn’t putting my dream that started when I was as young as 5 years old on the back burner any more. Little did I know that putting my thoughts into action accelerated the process quite a bit!

I had a few things working in my favour: I live on 7 acres of land that we do not spray with pesticides, good pasture and an empty barn. We bought Dragon Dell almost 10 years ago and the only reason I agreed was the barn! We have had horses here that belong to someone else, using the field for grazing. That was an incredible gift because we had horses without any of the responsibilities or expenses for about 2 months. When I knew they were leaving soon, I felt like I couldn’t look at an empty pasture anymore. My children love horses and have rode often, they were very sad as well.

Then, there was my dream. Roxy was everything on my wish list and looked like the horse I always longed for. She even had a little star on her forehead, which is so special to me and I have heard from many people that horses with that star are gifted.

Roxy was to go to auction in Beaverlodge. I contacted her owner with the desperate hope that I could buy her before the auction. I did not want to miss the opportunity to be with Roxy! At this point, I had not yet even met Roxy. It was a Wednesday when I first saw the post and I had looked into getting 2 geldings originally. Their sale went through with a woman who was interested before me. When that happened, the 111s kicked up a notch. I couldn’t sleep on Wednesday night, having been unable to ensure Roxy would be sold to me.

Then something shifted. Her owner had at first told me to just bid on her at the auction. Many times. I persisted as politely as I could and really wanted to spare Roxy the stress of the auction. The rescue I was working with was going to send someone to bid on her for me. The owner changed her mind! I had until Friday (the next day) to go visit Roxy and pay for her. Roxy was a little over 3 hours away from me. I could not leave that day, but I arranged to see Roxy on the Friday – just before she would be sent to the auction!

I had a tiny problem. I had no way to bring Roxy home without a horse trailer. I made a post on Facebook, asked for help if I was meant to get this horse from the messengers leaving me clues and just decided to hope.

A family I did not know messaged me, willing to haul Roxy! They were the nicest people, so good with horses, warm and kind with 2 really lovely little boys. They had nothing to do that day and gave up the time the could have spent doing something else to bring Roxy home. Now, if that isn’t the intervention of my angels, I’m not really sure what else would be!

Fast forward to Friday morning, I had the money from the RRSPs I cashed in ready, a full tank of gas and my heart yearning to meet Roxy. My air conditioner wasn’t working well, so my windows were down and everything felt light, so much so that I felt I might drift out of my car and over the highways to Roxy.

It was a long drive and I was so nervous once I got past the city limits of Grande Prairie because Google maps had taken me to some interesting places in the middle of nowhere before. Still, I kept driving and I finally pulled up to the ranch where Miss Roxy was being boarded.

There were puppies and other horses and I was instantly so giddy. I waited while the owner of the stable had Roxy haltered and brought to me.

As she stepped close to the barn, the sun shone off her bay coat. I was torn between jumping for joy and crying and felt unsure my body could contain everything I was feeling so as not to spook the horse.

I said right then, looking into her eyes, that I would take her. The stable owner laughed and told me to ride her first. I loved it, I loved her and I took out my phone to transfer almost every cent I had to bring her home. The family that helped me where excellent with her and I will never forget their kindness.

I am in shock that I really have a horse here. I don’t want to say that I am in shock that I own a horse, because I don’t think you can ever own another spirit. I believe I am her caretaker, but in so many ways, she is mine too. Just like our dogs, cats, ferret and guinea pigs are. Of all of them, her spirit seems the least likely to ever be contained and “owned”. I think that just as people find each other for a reason, so do animals find us. If we agree to enter into the relationship, we are then committed to taking care of their physical needs, their mental wellbeing and I think they return the care by nurturing our souls.

I spent my Monday wearing a respirator as a preventative measure against Hantavirus and cleaned my abandoned barn like crazy. I filled 16 construction sized garbage bags full of all kinds of trash, old hay, Reese Peanut Butter Cups wrappers I found along with Red Bull cans and a needle. Clearly, someone had crashed in the barn at some point. I’m glad that if they needed the shelter, they had it, but I cleared all that junk and energy out for Roxy.

Today, I made a little space for tack and hung a chalkboard sign by Roxy’s newly cleaned stall with her name.

Everything in that barn was cleaned by, chosen by and arranged by me. It is a token of my love for her. I want to honour our bond and give her a beautiful life because she has given me so much joy. I hung a dream catcher in the barn because now that I have my dream, I never want to lose her. Funny enough, her registered name is Roxanne Dream, making her truly my Dream.

My decision to buy Roxy may have looked spontaneous at best to some while I know others have judged me harshly. I smile and repeat to myself that other people’s opinion of me is none of my business. One critic is not yet 30, making my dream to own a horse older than they are. That’s ok, I’m not offended. I believe that the signs were all pointing towards Roxy and that everything that happened from the Wednesday to the Friday I went to get her would not have been possible without help, earthly and otherwise. Make of that what you will, but for me, the moral of the story is that we do manifest our own reality, we have the power to make our dreams come true. In my case, she lives with her shinning star in my barn and has agreed to be a big part of our lives.

Thank you Roxy for picking me, thank you Lisa and family for bringing her home and thank you to my husband for not divorcing me!

Star-Kissed: Roxy’s Tale

She bit her lip and looked at the numbers. There was enough, but just barely.

The bay mare rode through the starlight bouncing off the rustling leaves on the overgrown but quiet acreage. The light caught on her forehead, leaving a mark as if she had been blessed with a kiss by the moon herself.

With a little nudge from the moon, the woman sent a message, waited and then sent another. It was that light, the light of the stars she could see when she closed her laptop that helped her make up her mind.

Her husband thought it was crazy. She felt it was crazy to live without the shining star. Too many people she knew were now no longer here. Young, old and worst of all, those who were never born. Her own two babies that never took a first breath before their hearts stoped. As far as she could tell, holding on to a wish for 25 years without realizing it was the real problem here. The call of the moon, the light of the star-kiss were all calling her in a way her RRSPs, her only way to achieve her dream, would never give her the joy in her life she was searching for.

She knew many people would see her husband’s perspective. It was sensible and financially sound. Stars don’t care about any of that. So she kept it quiet.

On a hot July Friday, she rolled down her windows and drove for 3 hours with the wind messing her unruly curls. They tossed about and she felt free. She pulled up to the farm and walked into the barn. There was her star, the star living in a kiss on the forehead of a mare. A beautiful family gave up their day to help bring a star home.

She traded her RRSPs for a dream lit by the brightest star who was otherwise to be sent to auction.

The star’s name is Roxy, and I may be crazy, I may now be broke, but I kiss her forehead and drink in moonlight and dreams come true.

The Veil Thins: Preparing for Samhain, Soap Making

Dear Fairy Friends,

Excuse my recent absence! I have been busy creating new things here at Dragon Dell and teaching my children about the importance of the days surrounding Halloween.

There are so many different names for this time of the year: Halloween, Samhain, All Souls Day. I tend to favour calling the set of days we celebrate Samhain. The reason for this is because it begins on October 31 and ends on November 1 at sunset, whereas Halloween is solely the night of the 31st, All Souls Day on November 2 (it is part of a 3 day celebration, each day has its own title).  

On these days, the Veil between worlds is at its thinnest. The souls of our ancestors may be visiting, as well as The Gentry. I know that many are spooked by these events,  however we here at Dragon Dell prepare carefully and are excited to be part of such a special day. 

For me, this is a great opportunity to talk about the people in our family that my children never had the chance to meet. Some of them I remember fondly, others not so fondly. Regardless, they are part of our narrative here on earth.

As a Veil Guardian, it is crucial that we help any otherworldly beings cross back and forth safely all year, but especially at Samhain, when fairy hunters are out in full force. 

We are preparing lanterns to help wayward souls find their way, anointing candles with patchouli and planning our dinners to include baking soul cakes we will leave out for our ancestors and a place of honour for them at our dinner table.  I will be sharing more about what other things we plan.

We have been making 2 types of soap as a part of our celebration this month.

Making Faerie soap
Making an All Souls Blend

Knowing that we may have increased Faerie traffic during the thinning of the Veil, we made a blend to bathe in to encourage even the most bashful to feel comfortable approaching us, should they need any aid. My children, after all, were born in this world and smell foreign to Fey that have never visited! 

To make this soap, you will need:

  • 1 pound of a melt and pour soap of good quality – we used a Shea and oatmeal blend by Stephenson Personal Care
  • Fairy Magic Oil Blend made by Where Faeries Live or the following essential oils: lavender, bergamot and rose
  • A tablespoon of dried lavender – we purchase ours from Where Faeries Live and The Bodhi Tree 
  • Glitter, glitter and more glitter! You will need a few different colours, we used 7. Our colours were orange, green, purple, pink, blue, white and silver
  • A soap mold – ours was purchased from 
  • Mortar and pestle 

The first thing we did was create a rainbow of glitter at the bottom of our soap mold. 

Lay out your rainbow at the bottom of the soap mold

You will want to get all of your ingredients ready so that you can work quickly with the heated soap mixture. We put our dried lavender in our a bowl and crushed the lavender slightly and mixed in about a tablespoon of white glitter and a tablespoon of silver glitter. My youngest sprinkled in a smattering green for good measure.

Next, we chopped up half of the 2 pound container of melt and pour soap. We microwaved the cut up pieces in 30 second intervals, stirring between. You want to be careful not to boil the mixture; if you see a few lonely clumps here and there, they can usually stirred smooth. In general, we heat up our mixture roughly for 3, thirty second intervals and maybe a fourth 10-20 second one. 

If you have the Fairy Magic Oil blend on hand, you can mix about 8-10 drops into your soap mix as well as your lavender and glitter. If you do not have this blend, use 4 drops of lavender, 4 drops of rose and 2 drops of bergamot. 

Pour gently but evenly into the mold. Now you let it sit overnight. To get the soap out, turn the mold upside down on a clean cloth and gently and evenly push the soap out. You can then chop it up into bricks of any size you like. We make about 6 same-sized bricks. We purchased our silicone mold on and it is 27.5 x 12.7 x 9cm.

Faerie soap!
Before we cut the soap

To store the soap, you can use an airtight container or even a Ziploc bag, I suggest not stacking the bars and laying them flat. 

Our second soap we made is an All Souls blend. Patchouli is one of the oils associated with the dearly departed. I have added cedarwood essential oil as it is used to invoke the help of the angels, or spirit guides if you will.  Cinnamon was used in ancient Egypt during the mummification process and used by the Romans in temples. It is a perfect compliment to the patchouli and cedarwood and has been used for protection and healing, two things I believe lost souls need.

To make this soap, you will need:

  • 1 pound of a melt and pour soap of good quality – we used a Shea and oatmeal blend made by Stephenson Personal Care
  • Patchouli essential oil and cedarwood essential oil – ours are from Young Living 
  • A tablespoon of ground cinnamon 
  • If you wish, dried rose petals and dried orange peel – ours were sourced from The Witchery 
  • Glitter in Samhain colours: copper, black, orange – about a teaspoon each
  • A soap mold – ours is from 
  • Mortar and pestle

To start, we made a mixture of dried roses and orange peels as a bouquet to our ancestors, since we are unable to visit their graves and leave them flowers. We ground up the mixture lightly, then added it to our cinnamon.  Line the bottom of your soap mold with your glitter and then the cinnamon mixture evenly. We followed the heating instructions for the melt and pour soap and stirred in about 8 drops of patchouli and 3 of cedarwood when it was ready. Then we gently poured it into the mold. Wait overnight and cut and store.

To offer these soaps as gifts, we wrap them in wax paper and then a decorative napkin, tying the pretty packages with ribbon or string, usually recycled from another occasion.

While making the soaps, I had the opportunity to talk to my children about their great-grandfathers and it was so interesting to hear their questions. We also discussed the importance of remembering and honouring those no longer with us because our stories will one day live on in the same manner. It was a great weekend activity and they now have soaps to offer their teachers, dance and equine instructors. The soaps have meaning and stories behind them that I know my children will share.  I hope that when I am gone, this will be something they remember me for.

As I work on more projects, I will be sharing. May you find this time of year as beautiful as I do!


Your Lady Star

Practical Magic 

Dear Fairy Friends,

With a name like Faerie Magazine, how could I resist such a publication? It never fails to delight me and I find that reading it transports the soul from our world. It is always full of short stories, recipes, features on artisans and hand-crafted goods. The subscription was a gift last Yule, and it has been such an incredible present!

This quarter, they released a Practical Magic issue. I will be trying as many of the recipes as possible from it and sharing in this blog with you. 

The Practical Magic Issue

I am a fan of the book, as well as the film adaptation, Practical Magic.  The Owens sisters, Sally and Gillian, are so devoted to one another, the novel is all about this sacred blood tie that is stronger than anything. Their aunts, Jet and Frances, are incredible forces to be reckoned with, encouraging people to live as their most true selves, to wear your best dress even to the grocery shop and use your finest china because life is a celebration. One of the most memorable lines has resonated with me “being normal is not necessarily a virtue – it rather denotes a lack of courage”. The story of all of the Owens women teaches exactly that: to have the courage to embrace who you are. There is an interview with the author, Alice Hoffman, in which she discusses the upcoming prequel to Practical Magic, titled The Rules of Magic. I am very excited about this novel that delves into the pasts of Jet and Frances, as well as their brother Vincent. I am trying my best to wait patiently for my pre-ordered copy!

One of my favourite scenes in the film Practical Magic, is when Sally and Gillian are woken up by the whir of the blender and jump out of bed exclaiming “midnight margaritas!”. It is such a silly, manic, intense scene and I cannot hear the Coconut song by Harry Nilsson without dancing on the spot like an Owens in the kitchen! I got my chance to do that in my own kitchen, after my children were tucked into bed, with the Midnight Margarita recipe in the magazine! 

I never put very much effort into making myself a drink, I usually enjoy a glass of wine. There was something about intentionally making myself a drink that felt special on a Friday night, after a rather challenging day. I played some songs from Native Invader by my favourite singer/songwriter/awesome woman Tori Amos. The melodies bring out the witch in me, concocting my potion with purpose. The Cointreau and tequila certainly brought out my dancing feet! The honey syrup you brew and add was refreshing and delicious, I sipped and danced and found that Midnight Margaritas were just what I needed to reconnect to joy and something within that just wanted to have fun and let lose. To make your own, here is the recipe: 

For the cocktail:

  • 3 oz of tequila 
  • 1 oz of Cointreau (or another orange-flavoured liqueur)
  • 1 1/2 oz fresh lime juice
  • 1 oz honey syrup 
  • Kosher salt
  • Lime wedges
  • Ice

For the honey syrup:

  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/4 cup water

To make the syrup, add the honey and water to a pot. Bring to a simmer on low heat and stir until the honey dissolves. Let it cool before adding to your cocktail. 

To line your cocktail glass with salt, rub a lime along the rim, then dip in a plate of salt. 

To make the cocktail, I didn’t have a shaker so I added the tequila, Cointreau, honey syrup and lime juice into my blender. I figure if the Aunts did it, so can I! I blended it quickly and then poured it over ice in my cocktail glass and topped it with a lime. It was fantastic!

The next morning, I had no regrets staying up a little late, enjoying my midnight dance party. I didn’t look as fresh as I would have liked however, and decided to try another one of the recipes. I strirred up the Pumpkin Radiance Face Mask in my mini cauldron. 

Pumpkin Radiance Face Mask

What I enjoyed about this was that there was thought and ritual to accompany it. You are to light an orange candle after applying the mask and sit and take a reflective moment to yourself. While you focus on the candle, you are encouraged to think about what you would like your life to look like. Are you seeking a new career, travel, love? You have to think in specifics, without focusing on a particular person or resource, but imagine how it would feel to have your wish granted. Sweep all negativity aside and breathe only the positive thoughts and feelings in. Let them sit in your heart. When the mask tingles and you really feel this energy in your heart, rinse off the mask, give thanks, say out loud “so shall it be” as you blow out the candle. 

I did this and it felt as if I had left my home for hours when it had only been a few minutes. It gave my day new purpose and energy, having meditated, internalized my hopes and goals and affirming to myself that I could make them happen. 

The mask itself was very easy to make and I actually had all the ingredients! To make it, you will need:

  • 3 tbsp of organic pumpkin purée 
  • 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/8 tsp ground turmeric 
  • 1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk 

To start, you mix the pumpkin and spices.  Once they are well blended, add the almond milk. Apply it to clean skin and light your candle! 

Practical magic is all about the everyday magic around us. We can bless the food we cook for others, the deeds we do to help, the homes of those we visit, it is even in the care of plants and animals around us. The words we use on a daily basis are so full of power, as are our thoughts. In a single moment, we can take ourselves apart with hideous words such as “fat”, “stupid” and anything that can make you feel like a lesser person. Positive words do the opposite and are so worth the time to repeat daily! Taking a moment to think about how we want our day, our week or our year to go is a bit of magic itself, because if we can see it in our futures, we need only make the steps necessary to bridge the gap between wish and reality. 

I hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I did and I would be thrilled to know how they turned out for you!

With love,

Your Lady Star 

Making Sylph Slumber Bath Bombs and a Mommy-Basket: Better Mornings, Here We Come!

Dear Fairy Friends,

Whether homeschool, public school or private school, learning is so exciting! With the excitement, I often forget how challenging school days can be on children. My eldest comes home, bubbling with new information and things she cannot wait to tell me. This week, she sat eating her dinner and told me “The reason I can eat my dinner is because I have many bones in my face. Otherwise, my face would be a gloopy, melty mess”. I learned that you can pass your hand through a bubble if you wet it first from her and I hear about the exploits of the class turtle.

She gets so excited, she has difficulty turning her mind off when it is time to sleep. It is a poorly concealed fact that I am not at all a morning person and when she gets little rest, she is the grumpiest bear ever – next to her mama bear. We don’t make the prettiest pair in the morning, so I’ve started working on what I can do to change that for us.

We have started a night time routine where we include a soothing bath. Together, we talked about what we can do to relax as we made Sylph Slumber Bath Bombs with gorgeous dried lavender, lavender essential oil and of course, some glitter!

Dried lavender and lavender essential oil

The recipe to make these bath bombs is really easy! To make them, you will need:

  1. Cream of tartar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Olive oil
  4. Lavender essential oil
  5. Dried lavender, if you like
  6. Glitter, if desired
  7. Food colouring is optional (we used some but I will be using only plant-based or soap colouring in the future, if any)
  8. A clean spray bottle with some water in it
Ingredients you will need

To make the bath bombs, start by mixing 2 cups of baking soda with one cup of cream of tartar. Add in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, roughly 8 drops of lavender essential oil and any colouring if you wish. We used about 4 drops of food colouring, but I will be looking for a plant based, organic colouring in the future so that even people very sensitive to food dyes can use these.

Mix these liquids in well, pressing with a spatula to evenly distribute. Next, spray the mixture two or three times with your spray bottle. Start mixing, it may fizz a little when the water comes into contact with the baking soda, but it will stop when you start mixing.

The mixture will appear crumbly but you will know that it ready to be put in trays when it holds the shape of an indented spoon relatively well.

Bath bomb mix in process

We mixed in some dried lavender next. You do not have to add a lot, a little goes a long way and it is less likely to clog any tubs! We also added some glitter into the trays before packing them with the bath bomb mixture so that when they are popped out, they have glittery tops.

Once you are happy with what you have added to the mixture, pack it into ice cube trays. Leave these somewhere to dry for two days. We got mason jars ready to store them in, but you can also use Tupperware containers. We put a soft, clean kitchen towel on the table and gently turned the ice cube trays over after the 2 day drying time and the bath bombs slid right out.

Fresh bath bombs – yum!

We jarred some for gifts and put a small batch in a little vase for immediate use.

Sylph Slumber bath bombs

We gave our bath bombs a test run, filling the bath and letting the children have nice, long soaks. These were followed by a book and bed and the result? My eldest slept soundly and much quicker than she has been, my middle child slept in until 8 am! This alone is unheard of! Whether you will credit the lavender, as I do, and the tranquil routine or not, they enjoyed making them and using them so much. In addition, my bathroom smells amazing!

I got thinking about how something that makes you feel amazing can alter your mood. I decided to try a little experiment on myself. I emptied a pretty basket the children were storing play food in, I made a small space for myself in the bathroom and filled the basket with happy, green, amazing goodies from The Green Goddess. 

My mommy-basket packed with green, happy goodness!

In my basket, I put the Blood Orange Flower Power hydrosol. I mist it on my face and wipe with a cloth instead of washing my face with soap and water. The smell perks me up and leaves my skin so nice without any of the dryness of soap. The next item in my basket is the Rejuvenating Elixir for oily skin. I was hesitant about switching to a oil-based product from regular cream but oh my gosh! It is amazing! The biggest switch in our home was from toxic anti-perspirants to a natural deodorant, but I am loving the black cherry one in my basket.  The last item always brings me back to Faerie, the land of the Fey. It is a champa perfume roller and I am addicted to it! It has grounding properties, which I need so much in the morning, and smells like fields of blooming fairy flowers. It feels like a huge indulgence but it makes me feel like a queen even driving in my car to drop my daughter off at school!

I’ve been feeling beautiful, wholesome and a little peppier since the basket came to be. I think every mother needs a little self-care routine and I am so happy I built this quick one into my mornings. The Green Goddess products are fey-friendly and the packaging can be recycled and are made with ethically sourced ingredients, some are even wildcrafted from the region we live in. They are amazing additions to my home and are so reasonably priced for the outstanding quality and crafting, so I don’t feel so guilty for my indulgent mommy-basket!

I would love to know what you put in your bath bombs and how they work for you! If you have a mom self-care routine, I am curious what it might be, sharing ideas just might give another mom the deep breath she needs to get through her day!

May you sleep well and smell like fields of lavender and champa!

With love,

Your Lady Star

Fairy Spotting: A Guide

Dear Fairy Friends,

The weather has been gorgeous at Dragon Dell. The leaves are turning lovely golden tones, glinting in the Fall sunlight. It is a time for harvests, for enjoying the world before winter settles in. It is my favourite time of the year, leading up to Samhain – many humans call it Halloween.

Fairies are out in full force, more and more as October 31st approaches. It is a very busy time of the year and the peak for fairy activity!

I’ve had a few children very sadly write to me that they have not seen a fairy. I believe this may be because many people expect a full-bodied, glittery, clear apparition. In reality, you probably have seen a fairy and didn’t realize it!

For example, do you have a cat or dog? We have both, as well as ferrets. Have you ever noticed them paying attention to something that did not make sense? Cats will often stare at or chase invisible things, dogs will suddenly go sit and stare at a wall, ferrets will run off after something (they are a poor example because they are always doing this anyway!). Often, this is a sign that there is fairy activity in the house!

For instance, I will be doing dishes in the kitchen and notice something flit outside, only to take a better look and see nothing at all. Things moving out of the corner of your eye or subtle shifts you can’t be sure you saw are often fairies.

If you would like to be more attuned to fairy sightings in your home, garden and in the wild, the book Fairies, A Spotter’s Handbook by Alison Maloney, illustrated by Patricia Moffet, is an excellent guide for children and adults interested in starting to build  up their fairy lore.

Unlike some other fairy books for children and youth, this handbook is not too sugary-sweet that you develop a toothache while reading it. Having once been Fey myself, I appreciate that it points out that there are both good and bad fairies. These terms are very stiff and often, a benevolent fairy might behave in a manner we might classify as bad or evil. However, we often forget that our concepts of good and bad have no meaning to the Good Neighbours. I am fond of this book because it touches on this lightly, but does not paint all Fey in a shiny, squeaky clean light.

Having read the majority of the book that discusses Queen Titania, the ruler of Faerie, her court, the different types of fairies, my daughters were eager to test the handbook in the great outdoors.

Taking the handbook out with us for some spotting!

We had with us mason jars for collecting and the guide. I need to be very clear about one thing when venturing out to look for fairies: please, never, ever try to jar them! I am pretty sure most of us would not like to be contained in a sealed jar, even with holes poked in the lid. I can assure you, neither do fairies. There are dire consequences for all who try to trap fairies and Fairy Hunters are one of our greatest fears at Dragon Dell. This is strictly a guide too spotting, not hunting! Great things to have with you would be a container to collect things in, a magnifying glass, a little cup and some milk, honey or cake. Keep an open mind and an open heart!


If you have a garden, look under shrubs or bushes, you may find some fairy clues there. A tidy pile of leaves, for example, may have been a fairy bed.

Other signs of fairy visits include toadstool rings or a circular area of flattened grass. Rings of toadstools are Fairy Rings and these are sacred ritual and celebratory spaces for The Gentry. They must not be destroyed or you will have bad luck! Flattened grass in an open area where there are no tracks and the grass surrounding it is upright is another sign that there has been a fairy celebration!

You will also want to examine trees in your yard. All trees have fairy spirits inhabiting them and you just need to look for signs! We have a crab apple tree that we often find little piles of twigs under. This is a sign of a fairy dwelling.

Looking under our special crab tree

If you are in the woods and spot bluebells, foxglove, lavender, snowdrops or forget-me-nots, these plants are irresistible to the Fair Folk and you can wager that they are around.

We collect things we find such as feathers, acorns, fallen leaves. These we keep and make little beds out of in the garden before we go in, to let the fairies know they are welcome and will be during the cold months. Our hearth is fairy-friendly! I appreciate very much that Fairies, A Spotter’s Handbook offers the reader protection against the wrong sort of fairy making themselves feeling welcome. The book recommends putting springs of either rosemary of thyme near the front door and offers this spell to bless the home:

We’ve rosemary, thyme and sweet-smelling flowers,

Good fairies can enjoy,

To this clear house we call ours,

Bring love, peace and joy. 

It is very important when forming friendships with fairies to do something like this, to make your invitation very clear. This is where I want to note that just as we wish to come to no harm in our household, when you are out in theirs, do not harm or destroy things. When collecting items in your jar, please do not break off branches, petals, trap bugs nor harm any animals. These are very serious offences and the equivalent of someone entering your home and smashing your furniture and throwing everything around. Littering is also a great offence so if you bring snacks, please remember to tidy up after.

Lastly,  if you wish to show good faith to the Fey, leave them a small offering of milk, honey or cake. This can also be placed in the kitchen window, it is a great treat for the Fey and they will be very pleased.  We may have experienced some Fey tampering with our picture above, no matter what angle we took the picture from, the little friendship bowl we filled with milk would not photograph clearly!

I hope that this helps give you hope going forward, looking for signs of magic and open your eyes to fairy sightings you might already have encountered!

With love,

Your Lady Star